What is Illuminati? Some hidden facts to know about it

When we talk about power, our mind thoroughly triggers muscles and a body that can become Alpha of all. Similarly, there are many meanings of power on different levels.


But what if I say there is a power hidden controlling the whole World? Surely, someone would blame terrorist organizations and some will levy charges on western superpowers.


Despite all these, there is a secret power operating since 1776. This secret power is called the “Illuminati”. When we talk about this word, usually people think that it is something horrible and about supernatural powers.


While the story is totally different. Illuminati was the society established about 240 years ago by a law professor. According to his beliefs, we should live a free life where there is no ruler, no restrictions, no religious boundaries, etc.


Thus, a group then joined to initiate it. This society started with a small group of 6 people and then, later on, continue to expand. Illuminati started interrupting political matters and later on ended after three years of its establishment.


But does it still exist? Is their force exist? Do they control the world?


New World Order

The main motive behind starting this secret society was “NWO”. You will be shocked to know that this society is trying to establish a new world order where everything would be working according to them.


There would be a single ruler, single religious value, and standard rules to follow. And all these things would be done by Illuminati. One flash of this New World Order is the passing of LGBT laws.


In current times, there was no case of gays and lesbians. It all started in the current centuries. Also the outbreak of viruses and the deaths in western countries., the political disturbance in America, etc.


These are some of the flashes, if you look back in past years, you would notice how we humans changed and headed toward devastation.


Basically, it all started from the childhood of that law professor. He suffered a lot in his childhood and maturity as his parents died.


This is why he stated that Illuminati would be helping people live a free life of religious and social boundaries.  In the current time, we can notice a clear difference and practice of what he said.


Terrible facts about Illuminati

Coming toward the terrible facts which make people hating and fearing from Illuminati. Primarily this society was bringing comfort for humans but it was also producing the most crucial rules.


First of all, this society believes in worshiping “Satan” instead of God. They hate God and also their worshipers. Even they make fun of them and also punish them when getting the opportunity.


Secondly, this society is established according to different ranks. There are many ranks and one continues to grow by increasing their social impact.


But along with these ranks, there were strict rules and punishments. Suppose, if one is making some most minor mistake, they will punish him to death. You can say there was no less punishment than death.


The most interesting fact about this society is the joining of all influences. It doesn’t matter if they are singers, actors or businessmen. Every rich and influencing person has joined Illuminati but there is no strong evidence due to secrecy.


This society was encouraging every illegal act and avoiding legal. The main purpose of doing all this was to rule the world and extinguish all the religions from this world.


This is why some people believe that in the future, this society may do something destructive which end in the form of World War 3.

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