Content Rules



Article Submission Rules:


  1. The article must be at least 1000 words in length.
  2. The article must have a featured image and a minimum of 2 images for every 1000 words of content. For articles that are 2000 words or longer, a minimum of 4 images are required.
  3. The article must have a clear heading with a green line and use proper paragraph formatting.
  4. The content must be original and not copied from another source.
  5. The images used in the article must be free from copyright or have proper attribution.
  6. The article must have a summary and keywords provided for content management purposes.
  7. The author can message the content manager with any questions or concerns about their submission.
  8. The article must meet the standards and guidelines of the platform and be appropriate for the target audience.
  9. The article should not include any spammy or promotional content, including affiliate links or product promotion.
  10. The author must provide sources for any data or statistics used in the article.
  11. The author must use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout the article.
  12. The author should avoid using excessive jargon or technical language that may be difficult for readers to understand.
  13. The author must avoid using clickbait or misleading titles and information.
  14. The author must use internal and external links to provide additional context or resources.

Author Profile and Activity Rules:


  1. The author must provide a complete profile with a bio and profile picture to personalize their account and build credibility.
  2. The author should engage with readers in the comments section and respond to any questions or feedback.
  3. The author should promote their article on social media and other relevant channels to increase views and engagement.
  4. The author should adhere to the platform's guidelines and standards for appropriate behavior and content.
  5. The author should provide quality content consistently and submit articles on daily bases to build a strong library for followers.
  6. The author should avoid using clickbait or misleading titles and information to maintain their credibility and reputation.
  7. The author should interact with other authors and provide feedback and constructive criticism to help improve the quality of the platform's content.
  8. The author should not engage in any spammy or promotional behavior, including promoting their products or services within their articles.
  9. The author should provide quality sources and data to support their arguments and claims.
  10. The author should follow the platform's guidelines for promoting their content and avoid any behavior that could harm the platform's reputation.
  11. These rules can help ensure that the articles and authors on the platform maintain a high level of quality and engagement. By adhering to these rules, authors can increase their chances of success and build their reputation on the platform.