Table of Content


  1. Terms of Use

  2. Terms of Profile Creating

  3. Terms of having multiple accounts

  4. Terms on Images/ videos 

  5. Terms for commenting

  6. Terms about plagiarism & attribution 


Terms of Use

Article. Pk is Pakistan's 1st and No#1 Website that brings knowledge to every Pakistani's doorstep. Unlock the gateways of earning as well through profile monetization and joining our partner programs. Thus, to ensure the safe exchange of knowledge among the readers and writers, we have sorted out some parameters or terms of use to follow.

 Here are some terms to follow, as explained for a smooth user experience in the;

1)      Freedom of Speech but in social ethics

Pakistan is a country of varying beliefs, nations, traditions, and religions. Thus, respecting everyone's culture, traditions, and religious ethics is customary. Article. pk is a platform for all that allows everyone to share their expression, opinion, and knowledge. Therefore, show your relevance and communication by politely prioritizing social ethics at every stage.

In case of utilizing this platform destructively, you would be supposed to face penalties and warnings.  There would be two warnings, the second with a ban of 10 to 30 days. Afterward, your profile would be banned permanently, and the earnings would be lost.

2)      Say no to abusing/Harassment.

"Say no to abusing/harassment" is the most critical term used in article. pk. We are making it a safer place for all ages, gender, and nations. Thus, be gentle and avoid abusing in the comment section or articles specifically. In case of repetitive contact and doing propaganda against someone, cases in Harassment which would be considered a severe crime and the penalties or warnings would be charged. We are critically focusing on this term, and in the future, there might be some changes in warnings penalties or add some other terms in it as well.

3)      Deceptive identity or Copyright Issues

Article. pk profile of a writer is their intellectual property. No one is supposed to impersonate their profile or identity without permission. Always use the original and belonging credentials while creating a profile at the article. pk as we store data and can easily trace the deceptive identity and release warnings.  Follow our policies for a successful profile creation without facing any warnings in the future.

Also, utilize the best practices to create your content. Avoid copying someone else work without their permission. Use the blockquote editing option in case of copying quotes and other things. In case of copying someone's content, the article wouldn't be published even sent back with a warning and guidance.

4)      Avoiding spam and phishing

Article. pk is a safer platform discouraging every malicious and spamming activity. Therefore, to ensure your uninterrupted usage of this platform, avoid promoting and sharing spamming links, products, or files. In the case of leveraging article. pk for spamming, phishing, or any anti-state activities, there would be severe penalties and suits against that person.


Terms of Profile Creating

Using, we never bounded our users to use any specific name as it is their user right to name their profile whatever they want to be called. But there are particular terms to be considered while profile creating to avoid any mishap or terms violation.

These terms are;

·         Adult content:

While creating profile keeps it in mind that using adult names or profile pictures is strictly not allowed.  So, avoid using any name or picture that expresses or relates to adult content.

·         Deceptive identification:

To prove your legitimacy avoid using deceptive identification, i.e., using any public figure name or writer's name or identification.

·         Hate speech/ Abusive

Any word that shows hate speech or is abusive to someone is not allowed for profile creation.

In case of violating these terms, your profile might get banned for editing. To make it unbanned, you have to edit the name, recheck credentials, and then submit. Our reviewers will check it and ensure if it falls in accordance with our policies to unban it.

You can also appeal for your unbanning or profile approval in case of a mistaken banning or another reason.  In the case of creating a company or business profile, your profile is under process until it completes our required credentials and verification process.

Terms of having multiple accounts

Our terms on having multiple accounts are relatively simpler and easier to follow for any legit reader or writer. We consider the importance of the management of account and community. Therefore, you can create more than one account, but if it doesn't fall on these terms;

·         Targeting or doing propaganda against someone.

·         Creating a fake view for monetization.

·         Having multiple accounts to harass or bully someone on the platform.

·         For the sake of gathering fake engagement within the community.


If you think that someone is violating our terms of usage for accounts or other terms of use, you can contact us for actions. We also take decisive steps against a person trying to create fake accounts in case of termination or ban.

Terms on Images/ videos

Images and videos are the most prioritized mediums to enhance reader engagement. But there are specific terms that must be abided by to utilize these media in either your article, comment, or profile.

·         Adult content ( policy over sexuality or nudity) strictly prohibits the publishing of adult content. At the moment, we don't support any space for sexual or nude content. But for medical education and topics, you can go with these areas but under specific terms.

Using these images bluntly is not allowed; however, for educational purposes, you can use infographics with a sense of consideration above eighteen years of age.

·         Royalty-free or copyright

Being a writer or an influencer, you can utilize only royalty-free media. Therefore, to avoid any strike or warning over profile, use royalty-free media or copyrighted under permissions. We would ensure the authenticity of permission before uploading.

Terms for commenting

Commenting over anyone's article is the reader's or user's right. Utilizing this right constructively or informally is necessary. You are allowed publicly to ask for clarification, appraising of content, and suggestion-type comments. But things that are not allowed are;

·         Insulting behavior or abusing someone.

·         Comment on the article if it seems relative or up to your morale; otherwise, don't humiliate someone publicly.

You have user rights to agree or disagree with anyone's opinion or speech, but try not to abuse or harass anyone as the administration can take strict action against you and terminate or ban the account.

Terms about plagiarism & attribution

Content and information, either written in soft form or hard, is the author's intellectual property. Therefore prohibits its users from using their content until you fall into our terms of plagiarism and attribution.

Content that you are using in your articles must be originally belonging to you. In case if you are using any reports information or quotations, or other analytical information, it is necessary to show the attribution with references of online sources and citation of printed resources.

The blockquote editing option is there to help to show attribution of the copied text in your article. Thus, use the headings, subheadings, and blockquotes wisely.

Publishing articles that are copied from other resources wouldn't be published and turned back with a remarks warning. For continued usage of plagiarized content, the profile might be banned for some days.  

Plagiarism is considerable and officially a crime in Pakistan; therefore, you might face lawsuits even after termination of account from the article. pk. So be authentic and use your content and information.