*thirtyth para* The most Surahs in this verse are: * Surah An-Nabaa*: The Resurrection, the power of Allah Almighty,

 * 🌹 Bismillah ur Rahman ur Rahim 🌹 *

*thirtyth para*


The most Surahs in this verse are:


* Surah An-Nabaa*: The Resurrection, the power of Allah Almighty, the details of heaven and hell


*Surah Nazaat:*

According to the account of the Resurrection, all will die as a result of the first trumpet, then when the second trumpet will be blown, all will be resurrected and gathered in the field of doom. Also, there is the incident of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) and Pharaoh's disobedience and death.


*Surah Abs:*

In this surah, the lesson of giving priority to reformers over those who are unsatisfied is given, besides, the greatness of the Qur'an, the ingratitude of man and the scene of the Day of Judgment are described.


Surah Takweer:

The resurrection, especially the mention of girls being buried alive, the truthfulness of the Qur'an, the truthfulness of the Prophet


*Surah Iftar:*

Resurrection, suspicion of man and mention of his creation


*Surah Mutafeen:*

Condemnation of those who reduce the measure, mention of the resurrection, description of the blessings of heaven.


*Surah Anshaq:*

Qiyamat, account of finding the Book of Acts in the right or left hand


Surah Buruj:

The story of Ashab al-Akhdud, Allah's grip is tight.


Surah Tariq:

The words and actions of every human being are being monitored, the creation of human beings.


*Surah Al-Aala:*

The description of the attributes of Allah, the successful and the unsuccessful.


Surah Ghashi:

The Resurrection, the account of the people of Paradise and the people of Hell, the invitation to meditate on the manifestations of the power of Allah, the camel, the sky, the mountains and the earth.


Surah Fajr:

Tales of previous nations, inspiration for patience, resurrection.


* Surah Balad:*

In this surah, Allah has mentioned some of the blessings bestowed on man, the good end of the believers and the bad end of the disbelievers.

*Surah Shams:*

The power of Allah Almighty, those who make the soul pure are successful and those who indulge in sins are unsuccessful, mention of the rebellion of the people of Thamud.


Surah Leel:

The praise of the pious and generous and the condemnation of the miser.


*Surah Al-Zuhi:*

The subject of this Surah is the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that Allah has not left you nor is He angry with you, your future will be better than the present, He found you lost in His love and brought you to your destination. (i.e. guided the lost nation through you), so do not be harsh on the orphan, do not rebuke the questioner and describe the blessings of the Lord.


*Surah Anshrah:*

Praise be to the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, after one difficulty comes two eases.


*Surah Three:*

This surah is related to the image and character of man, Allah has said that man has been created in the most beautiful form, but the measure of success is faith and righteous deeds. are the same.


*Surah Alaq*:

Allah's favors, Abu Jahl's condemnation.


*Surah Qadr:**

The virtues of Lailatul-Qadr is that the Qur'an was revealed on that night, this night is better than a thousand months, angels of mercy descend on it, this night is peaceful, it lasts until dawn.


*Surah Binah:*

In this Surah, Prophethood, the call for sincerity and the end of good deeds are mentioned.

Surah Zalzal:

Mention of resurrection.


*Surah Adityat:*

There are two vices in man, ingratitude and greed.


*Surah Qara'a:*

Mention of resurrection.


*Surah Takhar:*

Condemnation of falling into this world and forgetting the hereafter.


*Surah Asr:*

All human beings are at a loss, except for those who have four qualities: faith, righteous deeds, right guidance, and patience


*Surah Hamza*:

Condemn backbiting and taunting in front.


*Surah Fail:*

There is an allusion to the incident of Ashab al-Fail, in which a flock of birds threw clay stones at the army of elephants climbing the Kaaba, which Allah made them look like eaten straw.


* Surah Quraysh: **

Two great favors of Allah upon Quraysh, ease of travel and peace from fear


*Surah Ma'un:*

Condemnation of miserly disbelievers and those who are negligent in prayer, showing off and forbidding even giving a small thing.


Surah Kausar:

The reward of Kausar, the order of prayer and sacrifice, the announcement of the humiliation and humiliation of the enemy of the Messenger.


*Surah Kaafrun*:

In this surah, Muslims have been taught that no reconciliation with non-Muslims is permissible in which they have to adopt the rituals of their religion, however, a peace agreement can be made while sticking to one's religion.


Surah Nasr:

The announcement of the completion of the religion, the order of glorification and asking for forgiveness when help comes


Surah Lahab:

Abu Lahab and his wife used to hurt the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.


*Surah Ikhlas:*

The infidels asked the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) to describe their deity according to their lineage, so this Surah was revealed in which Allah has said that Allah is One in all respects, all are in need of Him, He is not in need of anyone, nor He has no children, nor is he the child of anyone, nor is anyone related to him.


Surah Falaq

Seek refuge in the Lord from the evils of four things: the creatures, the darkness, the blowing and the envious.


*Surah Al-Nas:*

Seek the refuge of the protector of mankind, the god and the king from the whispering jinn and humans.


Some Jews tried to cast a spell on him, some of its effects were also visible on him. Allah sent down these two surahs to seek refuge from sorcery and other evils, they are also called Mu'awiztin.




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