Supporting someone who is facing mental disturbance

Humans are living a disturbed life these days. Though we are now developed more than our past. But by every coming day, we are getting more mentally disturbed and have no peace in life.

Every 1 of five is about to suffer mental disturbance due to some personal reasons in their lives. They are indulging with it and heading toward unbearable circumstances.

Thus, today we will disclose some symptoms and methods of helping people who are suffering from mental disturbance. Their mental condition could only get better if they are consulted by a close friend or a family member.

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So here has a look at some symptoms;

·         People losing their interest in their favorite tasks.

·         Those who started using drugs or intake more than their previous routines.

·         Children or young ones who started missing their important classes or meetings and wasting time in their comfort zone.

·         Fail to sleep at night or change their sleep schedules.

·         Eating habits may get disturbed strongly.

·         Starts getting furious or sad at no bigger arguments.

·         Making their life a thing of failure and hopelessness.

·         Always remain anxious and have low morale to deal with anything coming in life.

These are some of the most noticed symptoms in people having mental disturbance. This could vary in its types depending on the cases and circumstances one undergoes.

Suppose if someone is suffered from failure, they might start living a life of low self-esteem. This also happens with others having different issues.

In these cases, getting help from a nearer one either from friends or family can be helpful. They must focus on their daily habits and improvise a plan accordingly.

To help people having these types of symptoms and issues, one may need to behave up to these parameters;


1)      Provide a non-judgmental space

Only one thing that contributes to the rehabilitation of a person facing mental disturbance is time. All they need is the attention of a friend or family and sometimes to explain their issues. Therefore, improvise a time-space where you can ask them for their issues without making any judgmental statements.


2)      Don’t stop

A man or woman who suffered through circumstances knows more than the listener or viewer. So, if they are talking to you explaining how they are suffering, don’t put stop to their discourse. Listen to them carefully whatever they want to share.

It would help them by sharing their issues and minimizing their mental burden. Also, it might build the trust of their victim in you and you may become their doctor.


3)      Don’t be a doctor

Most people make mentally ill people more ferocious and ill by making practitioner statements. i.e., if someone is narrating their issues to you, don’t suggest or ask to adopt anything until you are an expert counselor. They might perceive that you want to get rid of them and circumstances may go worst.


4)      Showing care

The one thing that can expedite the rehabilitation of a mentally ill person is showing empathy and caring toward them. Through this way, a disturbed patient would get addicted to you and starts observing your every action.

Once they get easier for you, ask them for changing their eating habits by showing care. Starts changing their mind toward de-stress and rehabilitation.

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5)      Taking them to expert

Getting used to makes your patient easier to visit an expert for their rehabilitation. In every meeting, emphasis them to visit the doctor and share whatever they are feeling or facing. They are not patient but they need a helping person.


Final words;


The mental disturbance is getting common in our everyday life. But it doesn’t mean we should ignore it. In our Asian countries, mostly young boys and girls are suffering through it and don’t have any proper counseling. Therefore, it is advised to you that if you see someone facing mental disturbance, go and help them out before they decide to end up their life. 

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