Different ways to inspect a used car before buying

Buying a car for personal usage is everyone’s dream. But to fulfill your dream there are many hurdles in the way which you have to cover before buying. A major and most faced hurdle is car inspection.

As you are going to buy a second-hand car then there are possible chances that one is selling due to issues. These issues could be either in the car or the owner is facing. So, you have to testify fully before buying any car.

Here we are going to mention some of the tips which would definitely help you out in checking cars widely.

So, let’s start with it;


Checking exterior

The exterior is the first thing which we got to eyes and mostly it looks attractive. But as we all know all that glitter is not gold. Therefore, you have to check the exterior in these ways;

·         Take a rounded glimpse

At first, keep in mind that going for a car inspection is always suitable in the morning hours. Thus, plan for a sunny day and visit the showroom or seller's house.

Now take a walk around the car watching some specific parts carefully. As in sunlight, there are possible chances that you can indicate the dents or paint from these parts.

Some of the basic areas to check are the front bumper line, side indicator area, back storage edges, pillars, and doors locks. These are the most basic areas that could be either accidental or repaired. The repaired parts are easy to identify as they can’t match with the genuine parts. For more authenticity first, go and watch a new car.

Also, if there are some parts broken make your deals in repairing those parts or accessories by owner.

·         Paint identification

Secondly painted cars are a major headache for buyers. Thus, it's not much difficult as people think. You can easily identify the painted area by standing at one or half meters distance from the car. Now have a look at different angles of a door or any other part.


On a sunny day, it would release some glares as in older cars the original paint got dull. The newer paint is also not as soft and plain as the genuine one. You can also identify by moving your fingers over newly painted areas.

·         Identify rusty areas

The third and heavily impacting thing on the price of a car could be its body condition. A painted one may be better than a rusty body.


As those cars that have a rusty body from the bottom and sides should never be purchased. They are not capable of driving anymore. For example, a rustier car could make you spend more and more on it for repairs.

The common rusted parts of a car could be the side areas of the indicator and lower body. Therefore, check the car with a mobile light from these areas and underneath the area of the car. If any of these parts are rusty don’t buy it and make a new search.

·         Checking of modification

Modification is mostly by the craze. People who are fond of buying new cars always go for modifications to make their cars more attractive. But these modifications are slighter as compared to the people who use them for the race.

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Those who are racers may modify their engine as well. They might install new air exhausts or replace the shocks absorbers and other parts. So always go along with a professional mechanic before buying a used car.

·         Checking engine condition

The last and major influencing thing in second-hand cars is engine condition. Maybe the one you are going to buy has a tired and damaged engine. Checking engine condition contains different aspects.

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The one and easier to identify is checking the oil levels. If a car burns oil, then it means that the engine is totally out of order and not worthy to buy. As it would be emitting smoke. So, take a hard drive with full races it would let you know if it releases smoke or burns oil.


Final words;


Car inspection has always been important before buying a used car. It is not easier to spend lakhs on a car that is not eligible to drive or use for home. Also it is suggested to go with a professional mechanic.

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