5 predictions about block chain technology in future


The financial understandings of a common man are changing every second. Technology is making many advancements to revolutionize the way we use financial services.

Let’s talk about the cryptocurrency and adaptation of blockchain, which is becoming the near future. Blockchain is becoming the apple of the eye toward traders and investors of cryptocurrency.

People are getting attracted toward it and formulating their own ways of blockchain transections and implementations.

The main reason which makes blockchain a primary choice is the safety and security of data stored after transections. So, today we will learn about the future predictions about blockchain technology and the things connected with it.


1)      Financial institutions and blockchain

The first and most impacting thing in blockchain future implementation is the impact on financial institutions. Different finance companies including banks can switch toward blockchain-based currencies due to a plethora of reasons.

As in the banking system, the transaction of larger amount mostly delays for several reasons. Also, it costs them a lot for transactions and the security of data. This is why according to a survey 70 to 80% of banks would start accepting blockchain technology for a faster approach in customers transections.

It could also enable them to save money up to 2 to 40 million dollars or more. So, it is predicted that in the future many banking institutions may move toward blockchain-based currencies.


2)      Internet of things and blockchain

The second impacting thing about blockchain could be its integration with IoT companies. These companies are prioritizing blockchain just because of its distributed transaction-based system and security.


They think that blockchain can easily be implemented between smart devices and the transaction between these devices and data would be safe. It would also reduce the number of cyber-attacks and ensure the inline functioning of microtransactions.


3)      Many may fail

As we all know that blockchain is going to be a part of every business. Therefore, many organizations are investing in blockchain startups. No doubt bitcoin has successfully implemented it but it’s not in a completed form.

Blockchain is still under study and there are many pros and cons connected to it. This is why many experts are predicting that making full dependency on the blockchain is not a good decision. As many blockchain startups may fail in initial attempts.

So, if you don’t want to face failure in organizational growth, don’t initially depend on new blockchain startups.


4)      Need for experts is in demand!!

As blockchain is developing and moving toward the common man approach, there is a high demand for blockchain experts. Basically, it’s a new technology and there are fewer people who are familiar with it.

According to a report by the Upwork database, people are demanding blockchain experts. So, it would give rise to a number of jobs in the future.


But better advice for blockchain experts is to not quit other jobs for the sake of a startup. Most startups don’t approach the level of marketing and launch due to low investments. Therefore, there could also be a risk of unemployment by working for these startups.


5)      Governmental databases and blockchain

Blockchain is reputing and making its place in all aspects of professional and business lives.  Due to easier and secure database management, many governmental institutions are now focusing to integrate with blockchain.


As in a single country, there are different agencies or organizations dealing with data. So, managing and securing a lot of data may become challenging. Therefore, it is possible that in the future governments may apply blockchain to their databases.

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