Recipe of Ash Gourd Halwa (Pethe ka halwa recipe)

Sweet Dishes i.e cuisines and deserts of Indo-Pak are still famous for thousands of years. These recipes are locally prepared by people whom we called “Halwai”. It was a special talent that could be bestowed or learned by a family that is cast as “Halwai”.

One of the most famous recipes among sweet dishes is Ash gourd Halwa. In our local language, we call it Pethe Ka Halwa which is getting world-famous due to its unique taste. Usually, Ash Gourd was used to cook as a vegetable and eaten in a salty form.

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So, today, if you have a romantic mood and it is raining outside, here is my plan to help you cook Ash Gourd Halwa. The average cooking time is 25 to 30 minutes. This time is specified for 3 to 4 people at a time. Once you followed the recipe precisely, your guest won’t let their fingers free until licking them.


·         1kg Ash Gourd

·         6 pieces of green cardamom ( Choti Elaichi)

·         Ghee as per need

·         Coconut 1 chatak

·         Almond 12 pieces

·         Adha Kilo Sugar

·         Three silver leaf


Preparation process;

1.       First of all, remove the peels of ash gourd and cut them down into small pieces by removing their seeds.

2.       Now put green cardamom pieces in hot oil and let it soak until it gets brown color.

3.       Boil the ash gourd pieces and then let them cool down to grind them.

4.       Now add some milk up to two cups and sugar as prescribed above.

5.       Cook well with green cardamoms until the most quantity of milk is absorbed in it.

6.       Now add some dry fruits as per decoration and add some more milk and continue to cook to make it fully mixed and soft.


Once cooked fully, put it on your serving plate and place some silver paper over it. Also, put some cashews and walnuts over it to decor it. Congrats! Your tasty ash gourd or pethe ka halwa is ready to serve and eat.

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